Turn your average customers into loyal customers

NEXUS Digital Marketing is a state of the art platform that allows you to execute flawless marketing campaigns and run a state-of-the-art Loyalty & Reward Program. It is 100% branded with your corporate identity including logos, graphics and color schemes. Custom Apps will be developed and made available for iPhone and Android smartphones. In addition, branded website components can be incorporated in your existing website and integrated with your social media presence on Facebook and Twitter. The wizard driven tools within the application will help you create a fully customizable loyalty program tailor made to reflect your business needs.

Modular Architecture

Nexus Digital Marketing has been designed with your needs in mind. A cloud based Platform that allows you to customize a loyalty program to suite your specific needs. From POS Integration to virtual gift cards all 100% branded with your corporate identity.

Private Label

Nexus Digital Marketing is exclusively designed for corporate clients who demand a fully branded and customizable solution. Leverage our know how and millions in development to your advantage.


Powerful realtime analytics will give you instant visibility into customer behavior patterns.

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