About Us - Custom Branded Marketing Program, Geofence Marketing

Who we are and what we do?


Our History

18 years of Experience, Teams in Canada, United States & Latin America , Our own 50 + dedicated, talented developers , Focus on Customized Solutions

NEXUS Reward is a connective technology team that thrives from helping Brands communicate with their customers in a personalized, actionable way, with brilliant Intuitive marketing strategies. We deliver the technology that transforms Data, Loyalty Rewards and Shopping Habits into engaged relationships between you and your customers. Our partnership provides all of the essential tools for reaching your customers and measuring results under one umbrella.

Some of our core offerings include:

  • Custom Branded App Development
  • Data Driven Intuitive Marketing
  • Targeted Email Marketing
  • Triggered / Geo SMS Text
  • Engaging Social Media Integration
  • Merchant & Customer Portal
  • Custom Features/Functionality
  • Data Base Analytics / Report
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