Reward Program

The only loyalty platform that allows you to setup your reward program in ten minutes or less based on Punches, Points or Visits. The choice is yours, and best of all you can switch programs at any time.

  • Punch- This is the modern equivalent of the traditional paper punch card. Get rid of punch cards & replace them with an intelligent
  • Points- Reward customers for the money they spend - the more they spend, the bigger the reward.
  • Visits - Make every visit count - get to know your customers!

Gift Cards

Nexus Digital Marketing provides the gift card solutions for your business. Either initiate your own virtual gift card or order a physical gift cards from your vendors. It provides the solution to integrate these gift cards. Customers will have the feasibility to use these gift cards at the stores to purchases and transactions

Targeted Marketing

Use Nexus Digital Marketing as a complete Couponing Platform. Create "Promotions" and send them to your customers. Promotion arrive on the customer's smartphones where they are accessed with ease. Its Search Engine lists promotions so new customers will easily find your business through your attractive offers displayed on a map. Promotions can conveniently be sent to specific customers. For example, send a special incentive to customers who haven't visited you in the last month. Even if you're currently using coupon mailers to bring in new customers, it will help you retain them.

Integrated Surveys

Finally get the insight that you need into how effective your reward programs are working for you. Track customer activity and determine which programs are working best. Leading the way to educated decision making, this benefit provides you with real data on your customer's habits. Create your own survey to answer your questions. From finding out the best approaches to attract the customers to giving them what they need. Integrated survey's will aid you in boosting your business reach. Once you have the data that you are seeking for, target promotions to specific customers based on these analytics.

Email Marketing

Robust Email Template Builder – the best of all the standard Email Marketing companies, simplified into one place. The dynamic fields allows for real time data to be extracted from the database and attached to the email.

Analytics View

Get an in-depth view of your operations. A combined one page view or a detailed report for individual modules, our Analytics View provides you all the details to track the performance of your business, programs and services.


Be it a freshly joined customer, a special transaction, or someone having a birthday, With Nexus Digital Marketing you don't need to worry about creating promotions for each customer. Our Automated Trigger enables you to create your own promotions at times when you want your special customers to be treated without the hassle of worrying about creating them manually. Just set up a rule for certain triggers and it will create a promotion for you.

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