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Reward Promotion

The only loyalty platform that allows you to setup your reward program in ten minutes or less based on Punches Loyalty programs maximize the lifetime of a customer by increasing retention. While it is easy to believe that simply having a high quality product or service will create customer loyalty, the truth is that customers are in high demand so loyalty is something that must be earned over and over again.

Targeted Marketing

The Intuitive Data Driven Marketing will automatically help you find and connect with your audience so you can build your brand, connect with the right audience for the right promotion and services. Personalized welcome, milestone, missing customers or a happy birthday wish are automatically out as well as any other triggers you set for targeted campaigns. Here are a few of the powerful automations that are handled by your Intuitive CRM and Data Driven Marketing Module giving you the freedom to focus on the rest of your business.

Automated Marketing gives the personal touch with freedom! Auto Promote sends out Targeted and Triggered E-Blast to the “Right” Audience with the “Right” Message and Promotion! Welcome, Engage, Surprise and Connect without lifting a finger!

Intelligent Marketing makes your Data work harder! Integration with your POS provides you with transaction information that can be segmented for targeted campaigns that are intuitively triggered by personal behaviour data and sent out with the “Right” Message to affect your bottom line!

The Platform will continuously search the database for segmented customers that match pre-set triggers to send out pre made campaigns 24/7.

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Analytics View

Get an in-depth view of your operations. A combined one page view or a detailed report for individual modules, our Analytics View provides you all the details to track the performance of your business, programs and services.

Social Media Integration

Involving social media actions is one of the easiest and most engaging ways to create a better customer experience for your program members. Giving your customers the option to earn rewards for social actions they perform on a regular basis will make them feel appreciated. With social media, your rewards program can become more effective than ever before. Social media platforms act as promotion tools with global reach, while providing countless ways to reward your customers for brand engagement. In addition, your social analytics act as market research, allowing you to cater your program to your customers based on their engagement behavior. Incentivize users who sign up via social by giving them something extra. After all, if they sign in with Facebook, you get so much more data!

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Instant Customer Feedback

Want to know what customers think about your business? Nexus Digital Marketing provides the perfect solution to capture customer feedback right from their smart phone. With feedback received you have the option to respond to your customers as per your requirement. Either send them a thanking note or a compensation as an apology to keep this customer back in the track with your business.

Integrated Surveys

Finally get the insight that you need into how effective your reward programs are working for you. Track customer activity and determine which programs are working best. Leading the way to educated decision making, this benefit provides you with real data on your customer's habits. Create your own survey to answer your questions. From finding out the best approaches to attract the customers to giving them what they need. Integrated survey's will aid you in boosting your business reach. Once you have the data that you are seeking for, target promotions to specific customers based on these analytics.

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